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About Go Complain

We are a law firm that believes in consumer rights and creating a level playing field for people who have suffered from bad service or  purchased faulty goods but have found they have had problems trying to obtain a refund, replacement or compensation.

We hear so often from friends, family or colleagues, at home, work, in a cafe or the local pub about the issues and problems people have to put up with everyday for what is often something simple, such as being overcharged on an energy bill, your broadband not working or a washing machine not being delivered.

These little things add up, and when you complain and nothing is done to resolve it, time goes by and there is still no resolution but you’ve already spent time on the phone or online, as well as the original cost of the product or service.

We appreciate that mistakes happen and life isn’t perfect but we believe that mistakes should be rectified within a reasonable time, money refunded where applicable and if there has been a lot of inconvenience or stress a gesture such as an apology or compensation is not asking too much from anyone, let alone a big company.

So, we wanted to create a service that makes it easy and inexpensive for people to make a complaint using the right channels, accessing the rights they are entitled to as consumers and ensuring that their voice is heard and their complaint resolved.

Go Complain, we’re here to help.

Go Complain is registered, regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). This assures you that our work is carried out to the highest standards practised in UK Law firms but with the difference of our online platform which, is fully automated to our systems and processes meaning you can have access to justice at a fraction of the cost of a normal UK practice which usually starts at approximately £150 per hour.

As a team of legally trained and qualified personnel, we are not just an administration service or claims handler, so we know the law, we know your rights, and we want to make a change – not just for you but consumer rights for all.

We know that you can make a complaint at no cost to yourself, other than your time but our service deals with all the administration and hassle for you. With the added advantage of our legal expertise and knowledge, to ensure that any resolution reached is to the fullest degree, and in-line with your consumer rights.

As  Lawyers specialising in consumer law we offer a full service that gives you the comfort of our knowledge, our tenacity for ensuring the best outcome due to our expertise and our belief in consumer rights all through a simple online platform.

But we only charge fees of £79.99 for all consumer cases valued up to £10,000.

Plus, as we are a Law Firm if a satisfactory outcome isn’t achieved we can advise you on the merit of taking your case to court, the likelihood of a win and any costs associated with going to court and taking the matter further through small claims.

We offer a fixed price of £79.99 for all consumer cases valued up to £10,000.

As we offer other legal services and give the option for you to take a company to court if you are not happy with the outcome of your complaint, we have put together a Pricing Guide which clearly shows what you pay for, so you can easily understand what we will do for our fixed fee complaints as well as detailing the pricing structures and any additional costs if you decide to take your case to court.


In addition, we do have different pricing structures for our other Legal Services which are shown on each claim page whether it is No win No fee or a fixed cost,  all are included in the Pricing Guide 

You can of course, make your complaint yourself  but of course this does involve a lot of admin and time in many cases to make and pursue the complaint and people may not be  fully aware of their rights if they are fobbed off by a company.

Often because these are small, low value complaints and made on an individual basis, they are not taken seriously. People can be put off by the red tape, admin and other barriers to even know where to start let alone find a complaint helpline number or  email.

As well as helping people claim for what is rightfully theirs, we want to educate and make people aware of their  basic consumer rights in what is often a complex and daunting area.

We aim to update you with any changes in consumer law and how this could affect you and your purchases find our more in our Your rights section.

If you have any questions about Go Complain then please check our FAQ or get in touch info@go-complain.co.uk.

We’re happy to help.


Where we see repeated failures by companies, we shall inform the relevant ombudsman or regulatory authorities with the aim of changes being made to the offending company’s policy, procedure or process.