Consumer law

Listed below are the 12 sectors of consumer law we can assist with. If you have experienced faulty goods, booking errors, delays, faulty installation, refusal to refund or poor service, then get in touch and see if we can help. Our fees can be as low as £75 in some instances. 


Consumers are entitled to receive reasonable quality food and service, requisite to the amount they have paid. There are some standards which you should expect regardless of what you have paid for such as edible food, clean plates and cutlery, hygienic toilets and polite service.


The retail sector is one of the largest sectors for complaints. Retailers must act in accordance with consumer laws and in part, they are answerable to Retail Ombudsman. Equally, consumers must act promptly with regard to any issues they may have with products. 


The services sector covers a wide range of matters from hairdressers and decorators to mechanics and  phone repairs. Whatever the service, all companies must ensure that they deliver a service which is to reasonable standard pursuant to the various UK consumer laws.


Digital content is data which is produced and supplied in a digital form such as apps, computer games, software, e-books and ringtones. It also extends to the digital form of television, music and films. It can either be recorded on to a physical item such as memory stick or a disk, or accessed via a website or cloud, downloaded or steamed.


The telecoms and internet providers’ billing process is very much automated and sometimes this can miss changes which have occurred at a property, such as overcharging and wrong tariffs. However service providers have a duty to ensure bills are accurate.


Water companies must not only act in accordance with a number of water utilities and consumer laws but they must abide by Water Supply and Sewerage Services (Customer Services Standards) which requires water utility companies to provide compensation when there are failures in the service.


The Finance must act in accordance with a number of financial and consumer laws. Where you have suffered a financial loss equivalent to £50 or more due to the failures of a bank or credit company, then we can help you recover compensation on your behalf.


The Energy sector must not only act in accordance with a number of energy and consumer laws but they must abide by Quality of Service Guaranteed Standards, which requires Energy companies to provide compensation when there are failures in the service.


As a paying consumer, you should expect the very best service from the private medical sector. For the majority of the time, this is the service you receive, however there are occasions when you are let down by the service provider.


The insurance sector charges UK consumers billions of pounds each year to have cover for vehicles, homes, medical, pets and travel.  On the vast majority of occasions, the services we receive correspond to that which we have paid for, but there are a number of instances when this does not occur.


UK Consumers spend billions of pounds each year on holidays and hotels, and we should expect to receive what we have paid for. But in many instances this is not the case, and we usually put up with below standard accommodation or simply do not receive what we had originally paid for.


Consumers spend approximately £200 billion with the leisure industry each year. Mostly consumers receive an excellent service in line with their terms and conditions of service. However, on some occasions, consumers find themselves being offered a service which is below the standard they should reasonably expect.

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