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The Go Complain team



What type of complaints can I make?

The types of complaint that can be made against a company can vary considerably. It could be for example, for poor service or faulty products. You have an issue with your internet provider, your mobile phone operator, or it could an overcharge by a bank or a restaurant. There are many variations, so please see our industry sectors for the specific types of complaints you can make for each industry and which handle.

What is the cost to complain?

It costs just £79.99 for claims up to £10,000 on the fixed fee Go Complain service. For this, we shall deal with every aspect of the claim for compensation and a refund (where we are able to do so).

If the defendant does not pay compensation after our attempts, and we believe you have reasonable prospects of succeeding at trial with your claim, then we also offer our complaints litigation service, which does not cost any further legal fees, save for the Court fee and a barrister’s fee (if the matter proceeded to trial), and these are claimed back for you, where you are successful. We handle the whole of the litigation procedure even including the trial if necessary.

What do you do for the cost of making a complaint through Go Complain?

We appreciate that for fixed fee complaints you can, if you have the time, patience and resource, make a complaint yourself. However, we feel the service we provide is not only competitive in price against any potential reward, you have legally trained staff working for you at a fraction of the cost a normal law firm charges. But the key benefit for you, is that it removes the hassle and administration from your life so no more waiting on hold, no more being passed from pillar to post with the potential that your complaint isn’t dealt with or resolved at all.

We also make the following commitment to our customers:

  1. Represent you as a law firm, reviewing the strength of your case.
  2. Send a letter of claim to the relevant defendant company, highlighting the issues that you have had and where applicable confirm where there has been a breach of legislation or common law duty, for the purposes of obtaining compensation, and in some circumstances, a refund and cancelling the account.
  3. We will look to resolve the problems within a period of 8 weeks, and during that time we will take a pro-active approach in chasing the defendant company.
  4. We will negotiate settlement and compensation on your behalf where possible and arrange for the defendant company to send compensation directly to you.
  5. In the event that we are unable to negotiate a settlement, we shall advise you of the prospects of success if you were to issue a claim in the Court, and:
    (a) Where the prospects are good, we shall advise you of the very low fixed costs we charge should you wish to continue.
    (b) Where the prospects are not good, then we will recommend what action can be taken with the Ombudsman, and draft the appropriate letter to them.
  6. Throughout the process, keep you informed of the current position.

How long does it take for my complaint to be resolved?

For some industries there is guidance or best practice in relation to the timescales of complaint handling. Wherever possible, we will work to this guidance and so we aim to have a resolution within 8 weeks of your complaint becoming live.

How will I monitor my complaints progress?

Once your complaint application is processed and payment made, you will receive confirmation of who is handling your complaint and if there is any other information required, e.g. if you have to send documentary evidence. Once all evidence is received and the case is reviewed you case is live and we will begin the process.

We will automatically chase up companies who have not met the deadlines and progress as required. Many companies may settle before any deadlines are reached, and we will of course contact you as soon as your complaint is resolved advising you of the outcome.

How do I agree any compensation offered?

As part of our process, we will agree any compensation offered on your behalf as part of the Terms and Conditions of acceptance of our service. We can assure you that we are working in your best interests at all times so will only accept offers which we feel are reasonable based on the complaint and our legal expertise.

How will I receive any compensation offered?

At the point that your complaint is resolved and a figure agreed, then compensation will be made directly to you from the company whom you have claimed against. The method of payment will ordinarily be the way in which you paid for the goods/ service in the first place (if applicable)

What if I’m not happy with the outcome of my complaint?

If you are not happy with the outcome then we can advise you whether there is the opportunity to progress your complaint through the courts. This will take a legal route and there will be costs for this additional service which will cover for example, court fees.

Please remember, that the outcome may not be to your satisfaction even after a court hearing. If your complaint and claim is not upheld you will not recover any costs incurred. For details on the costs for using our legal services to pursue a complaint if not resolved to your satisfaction, please see our Pricing Guide.

Is Go Complain a Law firm?

Yes, Go Complain is the trading name of Horsley Holdings Limited, regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). This assures you that our work is carried out to the highest standards practised by UK Law firms.

What is the advantage of Go Complain being a Law firm?

As a team of legally trained and qualified lawyers, we are not an administration service, so we know your rights, and we want to make a change – not just for you but consumer rights for all.

Do you work with the Ombudsman or industry organisations?

We don’t work directly with them when handling complaints but where we see repeated failures by companies, we shall inform the relevant ombudsman or regulatory authorities with the aim of bringing about changes to the offending company’s policy, procedure or process.

What other legal services do you offer?

As a Law Firm we can also handle the following types of claims at very competitive rates:

  • PPI claims
  • Flight delay
  • Personal injury claims
  • Food poisoning
  • Employment issues
  • Housing disrepair claims
  • Cavity wall insulation claims
  • Highway claims for vehicle damage

For full details visit the Legal Services page on our site

What do you do with my personal details?

We only use your data for our use and in relation to your case and work to Data Protection Act guidance. Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for further information.

Do you hold my bank details?

No. In the interests of cyber crime and security all payment transactions are made securely using paypal. You can either use your Paypal account or your credit /debit card.

How can I contact you?

If you have completed an application and made payment for the required service you will be given details of the case handler whom you can contact in relation to your complaint. However, we don’t’ envisage the need for this, as the process once in our hands, means you only have to wait for the outcome and resolution.

For other Legal Services, again you will have contact details for the case handler and you will be in correspondence with them throughout the process. Please note that this is a completely different service to our Fixed Fee Go Complain service so timescales and costs vary on a case by case basis.

If you have feedback on the site, a question about complaints or your rights and you can’t find the answers on the website, please use our Contact us form to get in touch, or alternatively, post a question on Facebook, Twitter and we will respond within 24 hours.

Do you have an office?

Yes, Go Complain has an office where the lawyers handle your cases. It is however, primarily an online service which means you can access our services anywhere and at anytime.

What type of information do I need to give you?

We will ask you to provide as much information as you can on the complaint including details of correspondence between you and defendant company, any photos or scanned copies of documents or evidence you have.

Please remember that it is important to upload correspondence or emails, admissions made by the defendant company, so that we can fight your corner as effectively as possible. The more information you provide us, the better we can help win your case.

What do you mean by evidence?

Evidence, depending on your claim, could be a photo of a receipt of purchase, a contract, a bank or credit card statement showing an inaccurate transaction, to an email between yourself and the company concerning your complaint for a faulty item or a video of the work completed for a badly and possibly dangerous installed shower unit.

Please note that there are file size limits for images and videos and they will be virus scanned.

Why do you need evidence to start my case?

This is the proof to support your complaint and will be evaluated by the case handler to ensure that the evidence is sufficient and in line with the alleged complaint.

I don’t have the evidence handy, can I still complain?

Yes, we appreciate that you may not always have the evidence to hand so you can provide this after your application, just mark the box to confirm it will be provided at a later date. You can then collate the evidence you have and if we have not received this within 7 days of your application then your claims handler will contact you to remind you.

Please note that your complaint is not live or can be progressed until we receive the evidence, as this. However, as part of the terms of conditions, you must provide us the documents within
60 days.

What type of files can I use to send to you as evidence?

You can send image files or photos of any evidence such as jpgs, gifs, tiffs or PDFs of any documents etc. We can also accept video clips, if relevant to the claim. We do not accept Word documents.

All images and files will be scanned for virus on application.

I can’t find an answer to my question in the FAQ

Sorry! But please contact us on info@go-complain.co.uk or post your question on any of our social media sites and we aim to respond within 24 hours.


The Consumer Rights Act 2015 came into force in this country on 1 October 2015 (12 April 2016 for travel issues).

Before this there were over 60 different Acts governing consumer law which made consumer contracts sometimes very difficult to follow. This new Act tries to bring together all of the Consumer’s rights, for goods, services and also online digital content, and provides even more protection against unscrupulous contracts.


Consumers purchasing goods and services online

(not including digital content/ audio/ visual recordings) have the right to cancel an order within 14 days of the date the goods were received/ service contract commenced.