Cavity Wall Insulation & Housing Disrepair Claims

It is estimated that approximately 3 million homes in the UK will suffer damage due to Cavity wall Insulation being fitted incorrectly and in many instances shouldn’t have been fitted at all.

If your home is affected by badly installed Cavity Wall Insulation perhaps with signs of damp, condensation or mould or,  you are in an area where it should never have been fitted then we can help you get reparation and compensation for the damage caused to your home.

Get in touch now as these issues can affect the value of your home, your ability to sell your property when you want to move on and importantly your family’s health.

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Landlords have a responsibility to ensure the property is kept in a good state of repair.

If you have complained about substandard accommodation to your landlords, and they have ignored your requests, then we can help you get the repair carried out, and in some instances, we can also claim compensation for you.

What kind of defects are disrepairs?

  • Damp or mould
  • Cracks affecting the stability of the building or impacting on heating
  • Defective drains
  • Defective guttering
  • Defective roofing
  • Defective Windows
  • Defective brickwork
  • Dangerous wiring or gas pipes
  • Leaks from either pipes, sinks, baths, toilets or from the roof

What is the criteria

To have the opportunity to claim;

  1. There is disrepair of the kind described above, not caused by you.
  2. The disrepair is causing distress, discomfort or inconvenience.
  3. You have contacted the landlord of the disrepair.
  4. The landlord has failed to carry out a proper repair

What compensation am I entitled to?

You may be able to claim any of the following;

  • Compensation is calculated on the period of the disrepair, the amount of your home affected, the severity of the inconvenience, and the amount of rent paid.
  • Financial losses caused by the disrepair

Legal fees

We offer a No win No fee service for our clients. This means that if you have a genuine claim then we take the risk financially, and there should be no costs paid by you. The legal costs are recovered against the Defendant or their insurance company.

The law changed on 1 April 2013, which means that there may be some instances where we may have to make a contribution from any compensation awarded to you, towards your legal costs. This will be carefully discussed with you prior to the claim starting.

Remember, if we do not recover anything, we charge nothing.

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