Personal Injury Claims

If you have suffered an injury, whether physically and/or psychologically, then let us see whether we can help you claim compensation.

It doesn’t matter whether it was a single incident, or happened over the course of a period of time, or whether it happened on the road, along a path, at work or in a building.

We are experts within person injury industry with lawyers who have over 10 years experience.

Types of claims covered

Road Traffic accident claims

Accidents at work

An injury progressing over a period of time at work

Highway trip and slip

Fall from a height

Trip and slip in public buildings or spaces

Injury from a defective product

Medical negligence

Medical mis-diagnosis

Legal fees

It doesn’t matter whether it was a single incident, or happened over the course of
We offer a No win No fee service for our personal injury clients. This means that if you have a genuine claim then we take the risk financially, and there should be no costs paid by you. The legal costs are recovered against the Defendant or their insurance company.

The law changed on 1 April 2013, which means that there may be some instances where we may have to make a contribution from any compensation awarded to you, towards your legal costs. This will be carefully discussed with you prior to the claim starting.

Remember, if we do not recover anything, we charge nothing.

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