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Data Protection

If your personal medical data has been disclosed to another party without your permission then it may be that the Care Home, Medical or Dental Practice has breached the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

If this has happened to you, then in some circumstances you can recover compensation for the anxiety it may have caused through the misuse of your personal data. Where possible, we will seek to recover compensation for the anxiety caused and have the Data Controller rectify, block or erase the inaccurate data.

You will need to provide us with details of any admission of breach by the Care Home, Health or Dental Care provider, when you first found out about the breach to a third party, what the data was and how you discovered the breach to ensure we can present the best case and potential outcome for you, so start your complaint now.

Extremely Poor Service

This can cover the following complaints such as, tasks not being properly performed, failing to meeting nutritional or hydration needs in a hospital or care home, unsafe practices and equipment, treatments being carried without compassion, dignity or respect or, a failure to obtain consent for a treatment.

If you have experienced any of the above or a lack of reasonable skill or care from your Care Home, Medical or Dental Care provider then you may be entitled to a refund of all, or some of the money you have paid for the service.

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Care Home, Health & Dental Care

You should expect the very best service from the health care sector whether Private or NHS, especially when it can often be a time fraught with worry or physical pain. For the majority of the time, this is the service you receive, however there are occasions when you are let down by your Care Home, Medical or Dental Care provider.

Health and Dental care providers must act in accordance with a number of health and social care laws as well as consumer legislation (where the service is paid for). They are also answerable to the Care Quality Commission who inspect and rate all such providers, and in some circumstances prosecute.

Where your Health or Dental Care provider have repeatedly let you down, or you have had a terrible experience, then you may be entitled to compensation, depending on what has happened.

Furthermore, if you have paid for these services, and it has not been carried out with reasonable care or skill, or you have experienced delays or the care provided has been below the levels expected of such a provider, then we can help you secure a refund.

Please ensure you are clear about the type of Care Home, Health or Dental Care complaint you are making by reading the following descriptions. Then simply start your application by choosing your complaint type from the drop down menu.

Please remember to list and detail as much information as possible, including any key dates, numbers of calls or correspondence, financial losses or costs, time spent or wasted trying to resolve the issue and upload any evidence you may have (photos of documents are fine) on the Correspondence section of our online form.

The types of complaints we can help you with are detailed opposite.