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Billing Issues - Arrears from the Previous Occupier of your Property

If you are still receiving bills for the previous occupier of the property for their energy use and the Energy Supplier has not stopped the bills being sent to you, after you have contacted them to let them know of the error, then we can help. Make sure you have the full name of the previous occupier along with any other details of correspondence and start your complaint now.

Refund of Credits owed to you by an Energy Company

Energy Suppliers must refund any credits due to you within a reasonable timeframe. If you have credits owing and they  have not refunded them to you, then simply confirm to us when you first requested the refund and we can help recover your credits promptly just Go Complain now.

Unplanned Electricity Power Cut caused by your Energy Supplier for More than 12 hours

Where there is an unplanned power cut caused by your energy supplier for more than 12 hours, then you are entitled to £75 compensation, plus another£35 for each following 12 hours (for fewer than 5,000 homes affected) and £35 for each following 12 hours (up to a maximum of £300 when over 5,000 homes are affected).

Please remember that complaints for Electrical Power Cuts must be made within 3 months of the power cut.

If you have experienced this and not yet had a refund, then start your complaint with Go Complain now.

Multiple Unplanned Electricity Power Cuts caused by the Energy Supplier for More than 3 hours on 4 occasions within a Year

If you have had the unfortunate experience of having had unplanned power cuts caused by your energy supplier for more than 3 hours, on 4 occasions, in one year then you are automatically entitled to £75. We can help, if you have not received your compensation.

Please remember, on your application you must confirm to us the duration of each power cut and the date for each and please note that the calendar year for Energy Suppliers runs from each 31 March to 1 April and that complaints for Electrical Power Cuts must be made within 3 months of the 4th power cut.

So, simply Go Complain now.

Electricity Power Cut caused by Bad Weather

We all know how changeable the British weather can be, but where there is a power cut caused by bad weather, then you  may not be aware that you are entitled to compensation of £70 for the first 24 hours, and then £70 for each following 12 hours up to a maximum of £700.

As a result of the timings, if you have not received compensation yet for the power cut then on your Go Complain application, please be as accurate as possible about the duration of the Power Cut, as the number of hours will directly affect the amount of compensation you are due. Please also note that complaints for Electrical Power Cuts must be made within 3 months of the power cut.

If you want our help to get your compensation then Go Complain now.


If you have been overcharged for your Energy supply and as such have overpaid, you are entitled to a refund and in some cases compensation for the overpayments you have made.

Simply supply us with the details of the overpayments made, the reasons why and any evidence such as statements when you Go Complain now.

Extremely Poor Service

For any issues with your Energy Supplier, for example, you have consistently had bad service, a lack of cooperation and a failure to act on your complaint in spite of many calls and correspondence, or suffered a financial loss as a result of their poor service, then we can help.

Just Go Complain now.


A cut in energy supply can take a toll on your energy levels as a powercut might be fun for kids but if these happen on a regular basis they can affect more than the lights such as your freezer defrosting, losing work on your PC or your boiler going off.

With energy supply charges being so high we expect a good service and not to be billed the wrong tariff, overcharged or have bad service when something goes wrong.

If you have experienced any of these problems we can save you time and energy just complete the form and we do the rest. Plus we can put you in touch with the best suppliers if you want to change.

The Energy sector rely upon automated billing processes and do their utmost to get things right but sometimes it can go wrong. For example, an incorrect address or a wrong tariff applied can result in financial losses to you along with stress and the significant time taken to resolve the matter.

In addition, power cuts can and do happen, and in these cases the Energy Supplier must not only act in accordance with a number of energy and consumer laws but they must abide by Quality of Service Guaranteed Standards. These require Energy companies to provide compensation when there are failures in the service. Energy companies are also, in part, answerable to Ofgem and the the Energy Ombudsman.

We can help recover compensation for these types of complaints on your behalf. Please ensure you are clear about the type of Energy complaint you are making by reading the following descriptions. Then simply start your  easy Go Complain application now, by choosing your complaint type from the drop down menu and completing our simple 5 minute form.

Please remember to list and detail as much information as possible, including any key dates, numbers of calls or correspondence, total financial losses or costs you have had, along with any time spent or wasted trying to resolve the issue. Then just upload any evidence you may have (photos of documents are fine) to the Correspondence section of our online form

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