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Innacurate Transactions

Even if you have agreed to a transaction on your account, there could be a problem when it was processed. This could, for example, be a cheque that was cashed for the wrong amount, a cash machine that didn’t dispense the money requested, a payment to your account which is less than you deposited, being overcharged for an overdraft or other bank transaction or inaccurate interest applied to your account such as the wrong rate being applied to your mortgage.

You must make your Financial Services Provider aware of the error as soon as possible and we can help you move your complaint forward whether you have made them aware of the error or we can handle this direct from the outset so, Go Complain now.

Poor service or Processing causing you penalty charges on missed debits or payments

If, for example, your Financial Services Provider has not carried out accurately, or at all your request to set up a direct debit this can cause issues with the cashflow on your account. So, if a direct debit is usually taken on the 25th of the month and you are paid on the 24th but due to the direct debit being incorrectly taken early on 23rd, you could be placed in an overdraft, incur charges for an unauthorised overdraft and/or returned payments, or have the embarrassment and inconvenience of having your card declined when doing your weekly shop, paying for a meal at a restaurant or putting fuel in your car.

For all of these scenarios we can help recover charges incurred and ensure the problem is rectified just Go Complain now.

Fraudulent and/or Unauthorised Credit Card Transactions

The Law is very clear with regard to transactions on a Credit Card, for example, if your card was lost or stolen before the transaction then your card provider should refund the monies to your account.

Similarly, if you dispute a transaction that has been made as fraudulent, whilst you have the card, then the card provider must either show that you have been negligent in some way or refund you the money.

Just complete the application and we can begin to fight your corner for you, Go Complain now.

Unfair increases in interest rates, or Default charges on your Credit Card

Your Credit Card provider must tell you all changes to charges a month in advance of the change, as where there has been an interest rate increase, this is considered a change to the contract you initially signed up to.

As such, you should be able to re-negotiate your contract and achieve a lower increase. If no reduction is agreed then you are entitled to reject the rate change and cancel the card. You will of course, still have to pay any outstanding charges but the interest rate will remain as per your original contract.

Additionally, your Credit Card provider cannot change or increase the charges within the first year of you having the card or apply two rises of interest within any six month period.

For these complaints, please be sure to have the dates of the increases available as evidence. Plus, if you are in serious debt (more than 2 months behind in payments) an increase in rate can be seen as unfair and we can look to recover interest and any loss of monies caused by the increase.

If you have experienced any of these issues with your Credit Card then simply Go Complain now.

Inaccurately Reported details to Credit Scoring Agencies

A poor credit rating can have a devastating effect on your  ability to get finance and your daily life, when this is for a much needed new car or, your dream home.

When financial institutions inaccurately report details of missed payments to credit scoring agencies, it may be a breach of the Data Protection Act 1998, and in some cases you can recover compensation for both the financial losses and the stress and anxiety it may have caused.

If possible, we will look to recover both financial losses, and any pain and suffering caused as a result of the action and have the Data Controller rectify, block or remove the inaccurate data.

To help you, we will need full details of the misuse or reporting, the company who are misusing your data, along with confirmation of your current financial position, all of which are requested in the online application.

We can help so Go Complain now.

Extremely Poor Service

For any of your issues with your Financial Services Provider, if you have consistently received bad service, lack of cooperation and a failure to act on your complaint, in spite of many calls and correspondence, then we can help simply start your complaint now with Go Complain.


Most people worry about money or at the very least watch the pennies. So, when something goes wrong it is worrying, upsetting and can cause a domino effect on your finances from a bad credit score, to bank charges or unpaid direct debits.

No-one needs or wants this. And, if it’s not your fault because maybe a bank system went down, or the wrong information about your account was given, then it’s even more frustrating.  Plus it can be harder to resolve if they don’t know what’s happened on their system -but that’s where we can help.

We do all the chasing for you, so you don’t have to count sheep or the pennies.

The Finance sector has very complex systems that keep your money in check. However, like all systems, they are not infallible and mistakes do happen but all Financial Services Providers must act in accordance with a number of financial and consumer laws and are, in part, answerable to the Financial Ombudsman Service and the Financial Conduct Authority.

We can help recover compensation on your behalf for the following types of complaints, where you have suffered a financial loss due to the failures of your Financial Services Provider such as a Bank, Building Society, Insurance Company or Credit Card provider.

Please ensure you are clear about the type of financial complaint you are making, by reading the following descriptions. Then simply start your application and choose your complaint type from the drop down menu. Please remember to list and detail as much information as possible, including any key dates, numbers of calls or correspondence and upload any evidence you may have (photos of documents are fine) on the Upload section of our online form.

The types of complaints we can help you with are listed opposite.


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