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Booking errors

If you have paid for your holiday but your holiday flights weren’t booked properly, it may have resulted in you missing your connection. If transfer travel wasn’t booked at all, and you were stranded in the early hours of the morning on arrival, or perhaps any extras you paid for were missing such as upgrades or special meals, then we can help.

We will recover your losses for their errors along with any financial loss for items you had to pay for as a result of these errors, along with compensation for the inconvenience, stress and loss of enjoyment caused.

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Pre-reserved Seats not Available

If the pre-reserved seats you booked for your holiday weren’t available for you, not only is this stressful, especially if your family has been split up as a result, but this is likely to be a breach of contract. We can get your money refunded and seek compensation for the anxiety you have experienced, if you were not given alternative seats on a higher grade.

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Cancelled Excursions

If you have booked an excursion as part of your holiday and this was cancelled, so you had to book another more expensive excursion or simply suffered disappointment as perhaps you were then not able to visit a site or monument you had hoped to due to other plans or your holiday ending, then get in touch.

We can get your money back and seek compensation for the distress, anxiety, inconvenience and disappointment caused just Go Complain now.

Issues with your Hotel or Resort not being as Advertised

You buy and book your holiday based on the glossy brochures, slick websites and information that the tour operators and hotels provide. There are often galleries of photos showing beautiful beaches, luxurious rooms, or a fabulous pool but if, when you arrive, you discover you are miles from the beach, the room is sub-standard, does not have the promised view, or the pool is still being built or not usable, then as much as this is disappointing we can help get compensation, as this can be a breach of contract.

Make sure you list all of the issues and upload any photos or videos and we will recover costs and seek compensation for the distress caused at not having a relaxing, enjoyable holiday that you have worked hard to pay for and looked forward to for months or years.

Don’t let your ruined holiday continue to stress you out, simply Go Complain now and let us take the stress and strain.

Lost or Damaged Luggage by your Tour Operator or Airline

If your luggage is unfortunately lost or damaged either by your tour operator en route to your hotel, or by the airline in transit, then you are entitled to recover damages from them.

For damaged or missing items from the luggage, you have 7 days from receiving the luggage to make your claim.

Luggage is officially ‘Lost’ after 21 days after the flight. You should make a claim for lost luggage as soon as possible, after the 21 days have passed.

Simply start your complaint with us now, providing details and costs of the items, along with any flight details, and if you have it, confirmation of the loss or damage by the tour operator or airline so we can pursue your claim against them.

Remember that luggage and items within it that have been used will be subject to a value that takes into consideration wear and tear. So, please provide receipts or proof of purchase along with photos to support your complaint, in the Correspondence section.

For Airlines, please note there is an upper limit of up to £1,000, for loss or damage of your luggage by your Airline, which applies to the 119 countries within the Montreal Convention.

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Airline Baggage Delays

If your baggage has been delayed this not only causes your stress and inconvenience but may result in additional costs to you for the purchase of clothes or toiletry items, or another trip back to the airport to collect the luggage when it arrives. If you have experienced a delay then we can help.

Your baggage is considered delayed if it has not been put on the same flight as the one you boarded. It is also important to have complained to the Airline within 21 days of the delay for you to receive compensation under the Montreal Convention. If you already have, then we can progress your complaint and if you are within the 21 days, we can start your complaint direct.

Just let us know the details of your flight, the number of hours you were without your luggage and any financial losses you suffered, as a result.

We can seek to recover your costs (Up to a maximum of £1,000 for the 119 countries under the Montreal Convention) just Go Complain now.

Being Charged for Extra Items Without Consent

If you have booked your holiday and travel online you will probably have used an online application, which sometimes automatically opts you ‘in’ to some of the additional products or services offered by the Tour Operator or Airline. This could be a luggage selection when you only have hand luggage at no charge, a meal option for dinner when you only want breakfast or an airport transfer at a higher cost than a local cab, if this has happened to you, then we can help.

A company cannot expect you to pay for a service that opts you ‘in’ by default and we can seek a refund if you have paid for something without realising it.

Make sure you have details of the website and page if known, along with how the default payment works e.g. tick box., If you can obtain screen-shots of the payment pages then please upload these images when asked, in the Correspondence section and Go Complain now.

Extremely Poor Service

If you have had significant issues with the hotel or resort service such as the rooms not being fit for purpose or habitable or, your requested items not being made available e.g. baby cot or high chair and you have complained but been consistently ignored and your requests not dealt with, then let us help.

These issues may be a breach of contract and we can seek to recover compensation for any losses incurred along with the anxiety and distress suffered, so please Go Complain now and let us take the stress and strain.

Flights, Hotels and Package Holidays

UK Consumers spend billions of pounds each year on holidays and hotels, and we should expect to receive what we have paid for. But in some instances this is unfortunately not the case, and we usually put up with below standard accommodation or simply do not receive what we had originally paid for.

The hotel and travel industry must act in accordance with a number of travel and consumer laws. They are also in part, answerable to various regulators including the likes of ABTA, ITAA or AITO.

Where you have suffered a financial loss or cost as well as inconvenience for example, an overcharged hotel bill, due to the failures of a hotel, travel or holiday company, then we can help recover your losses and potential compensation on your behalf.

Before you start, please ensure you are clear about the type of Airline, Hotel or Package Holiday complaint you are making by reading the descriptions below. We will need you to list and detail as much information as possible, including any key dates, numbers of calls or correspondence, total financial losses or costs, the time spent or wasted trying to resolve the issue and then upload any evidence you may have (photos of documents are fine) on the Correspondence section of our online form.

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