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Gym membership contracts over 12 months in length

These contracts are considered to be unfair on the consumer. So, if you have entered into a contract that is over 12 months and you wish to leave, but have been threatened with having to pay significant fees to end the contract, then we can help you.

Make sure you know the dates of your membership or contract and simply Go Complain now.

Cancellation of Gym Membership

If your Gym or Leisure Membership has not been cancelled when you requested this, and it has been automatically renewed we can help.

You have the right to cancel a contract within 14 days of the date the contract would begin so, if they have renewed your membership without your consent we can seek a refund of any monies owed which they have taken from you in respect of the renewed contract.

Make sure you have evidence of when you asked for it to be cancelled then just Go Complain.

Gym or Leisure Facility issues e.g. faulty equipment/ missing equipment/ overcrowding

Where gyms, spa or leisure facilities regularly do not provide the full use of their equipment or services due to faulty issues, missing equipment, or significant overcrowding, then it may be a breach of contract.

In these circumstances, we may be able to secure a refund of monies already paid, and seek a price reduction for future use of their services if you wish to continue to your membership.

Make sure you have evidence e.g. photos of faulty equipment and simply Go Complain and let us take the strain.

Extremely Poor Service

If there have been significant issues with the customer service provided by your gym or leisure facility from the availability of staff, to potential issues of health and safety not being addressed or, your privacy and your complaints have not been acknowledged or acted upon.  Then there is the possibility of a breach of contract and we can seek compensation.

In some cases, we can recover non-monetary losses if there has been distress, anxiety, disappointment and inconvenience caused as a result of this poor service so Go Complain now and let us deal with the stress and strain for you.


Consumers spend approximately £200 billion with the Gym and leisure industry each year. Mostly consumers receive an excellent service in line with their terms and conditions of service. However, on some occasions, consumers find themselves in complex contracts or being offered a service which is below the standard they should reasonably expect, or has been advertised as available but you find that that service that is not available.

The leisure industry must act in accordance with a number of consumer laws and are also, in part, answerable to the Retail Ombudsman.

Where you have suffered a financial loss due to the failures of a leisure company, such as  Gym, Spa or Theme Park then we can help recover compensation on your behalf.

The types of complaints we can help with are detailed opposite.


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