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Stolen or damaged items having too low a value proposed for a pay out

If your Insurer had undervalued your items for either your home, pet, car or travel insurance then we can help you obtain a fair valuation.

It is essential to provide receipts or evidence of the original purchase and like for like valuations or costs which could be for example from a website selling the same goods to ensure a higher value can be sought.

Simply, Go Complain now and let us deal with your problem, so you don’t have to.

Vehicle has been undervalued when written off

If you Insurer has given you a proposed payout for your car when it has been written off but you believe this is too low and perhaps leaving you in a position that you cannot replace it or to a similar standard, then we can help obtain a fair valuation.

It is important to have evidence of your original purchase price and like for like valuations from a trade or valuation website e.g. Autotrader so that we can build a strong case for you and get the best outcome.

So, get your evidence together then Go Complain and let us take the stress and strain, so you don’t have to.

Policy not cancelled when Requested

If your Insurance company has not cancelled your policy when asked, perhaps because you decided to use another insurance company or, no longer needed the policy, then we can help.

If payments have still been taken by them for this policy then we will seek a refund and compensation, if applicable just Go Complain now.

Refused Medical Services that are covered by your Policy

If you have paid for Medical Insurance and your Policy Documents detail your cover but you have been refused these by your Insurer, this could be a breach of contract.

We can help recover any losses suffered and seek compensation for the distress and anxiety the refusal has caused.

Please ensure you have your Policy Documents and that you have checked that you are covered for the services you have been refused against the list of conditions then simply Go Complain.

Being charged for Extra Items without your Consent

A company cannot expect you to pay for a service that opts you in by default, such as higher amount of Legal Cover than the standard policy offers or advertises.

If you have paid for something in your cover without realising it, we can seek a refund for this,  just Go Complain now and make sure you have details or photos of the way the company do this and let us worry about the rest.

Extremely Poor Service

If you have had consistently poor service, lack of cooperation, suffered financial losses, and you have complained, but have been consistently ignored or your requests not being dealt with, then we can help.

Or, if your Insurance provider has failed to act on your complaint, in spite of many calls or correspondence, then we can help recover your losses and seek compensation for the distress and anxiety caused too.

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The insurance sector charges UK consumers billions of pounds each year to provide insurance for vehicles, homes, or pets to travel and medical cover. For the vast majority of times, the services we receive as part of our insurance cover correspond to what we have paid for, but unfortunately there some instances when this does not occur.

This could range from being refused the medical services you require but have paid for and are legitimately covered for them in your policy, to having a lower value given for your stolen car meaning you can’t replace it with one of a similar standard or payments being taken for a policy you asked to be cancelled.

If you have experienced issues like this with your insurer in relation to your policy with them, then we can help seek refunds where applicable and compensation when the problems you have experienced have caused you inconvenience, distress or anxiety.

In addition, Insurance companies must act in accordance with a number of consumer laws and are also, in part, answerable to the Association of British Insurers and if we feel it is appropriate we can contact the relevant Ombudsman.

If you wish to make a complaint, please ensure you are clear about the type of Insurance complaint you are making, list and detail as much information as possible, including any key dates, numbers of calls or correspondence, all financial losses or costs, time spent or wasted trying to resolve the issue and upload any evidence you may have (photos of documents are fine) in the Correspondence section of our online form.

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The types of complaints we can help you with are detailed opposite.


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