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Billing Arrears from the Previous Occupier of your Property

If you are still receiving bills for the previous occupier of the property for their landline or broadband use and your Internet, Broadband, Telecoms or Mobile Network company has not stopped the bills being sent to you after you have contacted them to let them know of the error, then we can help you.

Make sure you have the full name of the previous occupier along with any other details of correspondence and simply Go Complain now.

Overpayment to a Telecoms, Broadband or Mobile Network Company due to their Overcharging or Wrong Tariffs

If you have been overcharged for your broadband or telephone calls due to for example the wrong tariff being applied, and as such have overpaid you are entitled to a refund and in some cases compensation for the overpayments you have made.

If you have received an inaccurate overcharged bill for services you did not request such as a landline, then we can help you receive a refund and possible compensation where it has caused genuine stress and anxiety.

Simply supply us with the details of the overpayments made, the reasons why and any evidence such as statements and Go Complain now.

Credits not Refunded by your Telecoms, Broadband or Mobile Network Company

If you discover that you are due a credits refund the company must refund any credits due to you within a reasonable timeframe.

If you have credits owing and they have failed to refund them, simply confirm to us when you first requested the refund in your complaint submission and we can help recover your credits promptly by simply clicking to Go Complain now.

Defective Mobile Phones within a Contract

Under law, unsatisfactory quality can refer to the state or condition of the goods you have received including its appearance, that there are no minor defects and that it is safe to use as well as durable for its use or purpose.

A product must be as it has been described or advertised to you by the seller under law so colour, size or quality or type of material must match their description.

The product you purchased should be fit for purpose, so all key components required for it to function safely should be included, for example a charger.

If you have experienced any of these types of defects and the product you purchased and you have complained to them, but had no resolution, then we can help you change the product (or reject it if less than 6 months old)  and secure either a full or partial refund just Go Complain now.


Misleading Home Internet or Mobile Speeds and Connectivity

Where you have been misled into making a purchase, it may be possible to recover compensation, dependent upon the type of misleading information and the impact it has had on you.

For example, if you had purchased a mobile phone and contract on the basis that you told by the retailer that you would receive a 4G connection at your home, and this was not actually the case, then you could seek a reduction on the price already paid, cancel the service, or seek a partial refund and continue the services (but at a lower price).

Similarly, if you have purchased broadband on the basis that the supplier has advertised that speeds will reach 24MB, but in reality it was never possible to achieve this, and the average speed is half, then you could seek a reduction on the price already paid, or seek a partial refund and continue the services (but at a lower price).

If you can provide evidence of what was advertised to you originally and what you actually receive through speed-tests or screenshots of your mobile’s connectivity, then we can help just Go Complain now and let us deal with the problem for you.

Change of Contract by Internet Services Provider

Under law, you are entitled to the service you signed up to being performed in line with the information given by the service provider when you committed to the contract.

If the service you have purchased is less than 6 months old, has not been performed in line with the information given by the service provider at the time you took out the service and they have not resolved your issue, then we can help.

Simply, have your contract ready to upload and just Go Complain now, we can then evaluate the terms of your contract to help secure you either a full or partial refund.

Extremely Poor Customer Service

For any of your issues with your Telecoms, Broadband or Mobile Network company, if you have consistently received bad service, lack of cooperation and a failure to act on your complaint from them, in spite of many calls and correspondence, or suffered a financial loss as a result of their poor service, then we can help.

It may be that you took a day off work and stayed at home waiting on an engineer who never turned up, and so you had to book off another day for the engineer.

The remedy in some circumstances may be compensation, and in some instances you can recover non-monetary losses if there has been distress, anxiety, disappointment and inconvenience caused and we can help recover any losses and obtain compensation.

Simply,  start your complaint now detailing all your issues and we will do our utmost to help find a resolution and seek compensation where possible. Let Go Complain deal with your stress and strain.

The Internet & Telecoms

Mobile phones and broadband are fantastic when they work but so frustrating when you can’t get wifi, your broadband is slow or no 3G or 4G service. But we can help if you’re not getting the service you paid for or have contract issues. We know your rights and can resolve your complaint quickly. Start your complaint now or read on to find our more about your rights.

The internet has come along way in the past few years, and with the onset of Broadband we are able to use our PCs, Laptops, devices and mobile phones for all types of things from gaming, streaming films or speaking to relatives in far flung places over the internet using Facetime or Skype.

It has become an essential service in today’s world and many devices or applications such as Xbox or a home heating app that allows you to control your heating remotely work using WIFI or broadband.

So, when things go wrong, particularly where the service stops completely, you should be able to rely upon your Service Provider to promptly fix the issue as soon as possible, and when they say they are going to send their engineer, they should arrive. If they don’t and you have made a special effort to stay at home then you could be in line for compensation.

Additionally, if the internet service providers quote an average Broadband speed which is nothing like the speed you are receiving then we can help with this, to seek a partial refund based on the low speeds you are receiving against the price you are paying for a much higher speed that has been advertised.

There are of course, other issues that you may encounter, as with any services provider such as the billing process which, although very much automated and usually accurate sometimes may not pick up changes which have occurred at a property, resulting in overcharging or wrong tariffs. However, Internet and Telecom Service Providers have a duty to ensure bills are accurate and we can help resolve these issues and seek refunds for monies owed and compensation, if applicable.

It is a fact that mobile phones are a part of everyday life and can cause  huge issues and inconvenience if the networks and contracts was mis-sold to you, due to promises about network coverage, the bundle of items they promised you, or perhaps you received a defective handset. these can impact both your work and personal life and are essential to both.

Under law, service providers must provide you with a handset which is of satisfactory quality and which is arguably durable for the length of contract you take out. If you have had problems with your mobile phone or contract, then please get in touch.

Ultimately, telecoms providers and internet companies must act in accordance with a number of telecommunication and consumer laws, as well as the various codes of practice for broadband and mobile networks. Ofcom is the regulator for this industry and there is also a Services Ombudsman. So, if you have contacted the service provider but they have not appropriately dealt with your complaint then we can help, and in some situations, recover compensation, particularly if you have suffered financial loss.

The types of Broadband, Telecoms and Mobile Network company complaints we can help with include those detailed opposite.


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