Why use Go Complain?


Because we offer you


A simple straightforward service…

Fixed Price £79.99,


Our fees are £79.99 for all complaint claims valued up to £10k. If there is not a successful outcome after making a complaint and we believe you have a strong case and you want to take your case to court, only court fees will apply but are refunded in full if we win.


with Legal Expertise,


We are a law firm so we evaluate your claim from a legal perspective, we know your rights and we have the expertise to handle your case.


that takes only 5 minutes


Is all it takes to make your complaint. You can then get back on with your life, without the worry of phone calls to make or chase up, emails to respond to, delays or red tape to deal with – all of which needs to be done whilst you are either at work, on holiday or simply busy with life.


and gives you Freedom.


We do it all for you – you only have to wait on the outcome. So just sit back and relax, let the frustration melt away and enjoy the time you have saved by using Go Complain.

Because we make a promise to…


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You don’t deserve to be treated badly

We are straightforward people at Go Complain so we offer a straightforward service, handled by a lawyer (not an administrator) so we truly know your rights to get the best outcome for you.

We don’t believe in red tape and unnecessary admin, which many of the companies we receive complaints about do, so we  have created an easy online application that means you can make your complaint in just 5 minutes and we do it all for you.

Don’t complain, just Go Complain and let us deal with the stress and the strain when you have to complain.


Our prices are the best

£79.99 gives you a legal route to pursue a complaint which normally, due to the average cost of hiring a lawyer even for an hour, is often too expensive to make it worthwhile.

We are confident that most cases we will  successfully resolve within 8 weeks  but as we are a law firm then you will always have the option to take the company to court,  if the outcome was not to your satisfaction, and we believe you have a strong case. Details of these services and costs for going to court can be found on our Other Legal Services page and Pricing guide.

Find out more now about ….


Because we will fight your corner

For too long the Great British public have put up with poor service from companies in all sectors, of all sizes and across all industries.

For too long we have wasted countless hours of our own time trying to resolve issues, whether it’s chasing a refund or correcting their errors.

For too long there has been no access to justice without excessive legal costs or onerous administration on the individual that can often outweigh the compensation or even an apology.

For too long these companies have gotten away with it, it’s been accepted as the ‘norm’ and we the consumer pay over and over again in time, money and frustration.

But at last – the Go Complain revolution is coming – We will fight your battles, so you can get on with your life